Writing Wednesday: Videos of new Herbin Jewel of Inks!

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The Pen Outpost did several short videos showing writing samples of the five new Herbin Jewel of Inks! Each video is about a minute and a half long. The videos show a writing sample and swab of each ink, showing the color of each ink clearly. The videos also have descriptions of the color of each ink, comparing the colors with other colors in the Herbin range.

Click on the name of each ink to see the video:

Bleu Calanque


Bleu des Profondeurs


Corail des Tropiques


Rouge Grenat


Vert de Gris

2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Videos of new Herbin Jewel of Inks!

  1. Drat! Now I had to go back & order the rest of these. Started with the Vert di Gris that will probably be “my” ink for years to come and the Grenat, which is amazingly legible when filling entire pages using it. Any chance of these colors being available in the 100ml size?

    • Hi Beth, at this time I don’t think they will be available in any other sizes but I will let you know if I find out otherwise!

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