Top 10 Posts for August 2018

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On the last Thursday of each month I list the 10 most-read posts of the month. Here are the Top 10 for August!

10: This post announced the five new Herbin Jewel of Ink colors with a video showing writing samples of each of these beautiful new inks!

9: This post gives you links to Quo Vadis Products Available at Barnes and Noble Stores. Some Quo Vadis products and/ or cover designs are available exclusively at Barnes and Noble so be sure to check them out!

8: In Moms Managing Multiple Roles I show you how I use my planner to maintain my work-life balance and still fit everything into my week!

7: Planners With Fountain Pen Friendly Paper lists the Quo Vadis planners that have specifically been designed to be used with fountain pens. All Quo Vadis planners use smooth Clairefontaine paper that is so pleasant to write on! Even some of the thinner papers work fine with thinner nibs/ not so wet inks.

6: How To Eliminate Redundant Tasks helps you streamline your daily work flow.

5: The age old question: Pencil or Pen In Your Planner?

4: Simplified Bullet Journaling Part 3: Planning (Or Not) in your Bullet Journal. This post discusses how at the very start, Bullet Journaling was not meant to be a planner system (hence Bullet Journal not Bullet Planner) but a way to quickly capture notes with the Rapid Logging method. But over time the system has evolved as people wanted ways to plan and capture all in the same notebook. There’s lots of info in this post on different ways to do this.

3: Planning For Students gives you advice on how to use your planner to help you balance school with the rest of your life!

2: How To Use A Planner: A Guide For New Users is one of our all-time most read posts on Quo Vadis blog. It has great advice for anyone who uses a paper planner.

1: Our most-read post this month was the Daily Journaling Prompts for August! Our Daily Journaling Prompts series gives you new topics to journal about every day with a different theme each month. The DJPs are always among our most read posts every month!

Look for the Top 10 posts of the month on the last Thursday of each month.

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