Time management Monday: Moms managing multiple roles

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It’s Back-To-School time, and the family schedule is about to get busy again! Especially for working parents or anyone juggling family and multiple roles, it can be tough to fit everything into your schedule.

Below I have shown a simplified version of how I use my planner to organize my schedule alongside everyone else in my family, and my color-coding methods. This system helps my work-life balance and helps me see where I can fit everything into my week.

I use the timed daily columns to write in all scheduled events for myself and my family. I write work things in black ink and personal in blue ink.

I use color-coding highlighting with a specific color for each family member so I can easily see at a glance who is doing what. I also write if I am picking up or if my husband is, so I know where I’m supposed to be and how everyone is getting home.

In the weekly dashboard at the right I write my categorized personal lists for calls, @ the computer, bills to pay and To Buy, and a place to jot notes and reminders of things that are coming up.

In the bottom right I write dinner ideas for each day that week so I can plan ahead for meals and know what groceries I need to buy that week.

In this simplifed view you can see the framework of how I use the timed daily columns and the list spaces. I haven’t filled it in as full as it usually is, so you can see clearly what’s what.

At the top of each day in the Priority box I like to write important things happening that day like if my husband is traveling for work, if it’s someone’s birthday, or any bills due that day. Other people like to use the Priority space for their daily focus, or their main goals of the day.

By seeing the layout of your week all in one view, you can see where your tasks fit into your days, what everyone in your family is doing and when, and upcoming things you need to prepare for. This shows me what I need to do, and when I have time to do it.

Planner shown: the Academic Minister August-July planner. Also available as the Minister January-December planner.

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