Time management Monday: How to eliminate redundant tasks

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Lately I’ve been looking for more ways to streamline my schedule to free up some time during the day and be more effective with my time. I discovered I had redundant tasks throughout the day that I could cut down and do once instead of repeating.

The worst offender was checking emails and messages. I used to check emails while eating my breakfast, feeling like I was getting a jump start on my day. But I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to take any action on any of my messages, which meant I would have to go back to them again later when I was working and take care of them then. This added stress to my mornings because I had these undone tasks hanging over me until I was prepared to complete them.

I realized checking my emails during breakfast was a complete waste of time. I decided to spend that time doing something more useful, like reading. Now I’ll be able to work my way through my massive pile of Want To Read books that I never seem to get around to.

Which of your tasks are redundant? What can you cut down and take care of only once during the day or week instead of circling back to again and again?

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