Time management Monday: Planning for students

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Set yourself up for school success all year! Use your planner to see your schedule and tasks so you can see when you have time to fit everything into your week. Here are some tips:

1) Block out your class time and everything already scheduled. By blocking out your schedule in your planner, you’ll get an easy visual on when your time is committed this week. You’ll see the white space showing un-committed time. This is when you’ll fit in everything else: study time, planning for upcoming events, social life, volunteering etc. This will allow you to be realistic about how much you can fit into your week and prevent you from overcommitting yourself.

2) Write things due in your schedule blocks. Write in assignments due, reading to do, exam dates, etc in the time blocks for each class so you can easily see what is due for each class.

3) Color coding helps you see what’s what. It’s not required, but color coding helps you see your time blocks and how much time you are spending on each subject/ activity. Use different colored pens or highlighters for each subject, work vs personal, volunteering, social, etc. This will help you see which topics are taking up more of your time and will help you balance your committments.

4) Write reminders and tasks on your weekly pages. Keep your weekly task lists with your schedule so you can see what you need to do this week and when you have time to do it. Look at your schedule and see when you can fit in tasks. Prioritize your tasks with categorized lists. Write reminders of things coming up so you can remember to start preparing for them now.

Planner shown: the Academic Minister August-July planner. Also available as the Minister January-December planner.

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