Top 10 Posts for July 2018

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Here are the most-read posts this month!

10: This post lists and links all the Quo Vadis planners with fountain pen friendly paper (and there’s a lot!) All Quo Vadis planners use smooth and eco-friendly Clairefontaine paper, which is made in France. Many Quo Vadis planners are made with paper specifically designed to be used with fountain pens (and all kinds of inks).

9: In this post Penny gives us the details of how she uses her Quo Vadis Principal weekly planner along with her Rhodia Goalbook bullet journal.

8: This older post discusses whether to use pencil or pen in your planner, with comments from people who use either/ both.

7: Too often self-care is pushed aside by our busy schedules, but it’s important to take care of ourselves so we can do all the things. This post gives you specific tips on ways to work self care into your schedule for physical, mental, and emotional health.

6: This post talks about and links to an excellent post Penny did on her blog with tips for starting to use a new planner.

5: Plannerisma did a wonderful and very thorough review of the new Life Noted academic year planner! The Life Noted planners are the next generation of Quo Vadis planners, designed to help you set and track your goals all year. The Life Noted planners are available now in 2018-2019 academic year and 2019 January-December formats.

4: How To Use A Planner: A Guide For New Users is in our top 10 most-read posts every month. It has great advice for anyone who uses a paper planner, and gives you tips on how to maximize your planner use.

3 Penny is in the top ten three times this month! Wow! In this post she showed us her combination of digital and paper planning in her Quo Vadis Principal weekly planner and her Rhodia Goalbook bullet journal.

2: In this post we announced 5 new colors in the Herbin Jewel of Inks range with a video showing each color!

1: Our most-read post this month was the Daily Journaling Prompts for July! Our Daily Journaling Prompts series gives you new topics to journal about every day with a different theme each month.

Look for the Top 10 posts of the month on the last Thursday of each month.

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