Setting up your new Life Noted planner

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Today is the first day in the Life Noted academic year planners! Now is a good time to decide your annual goals (if you haven’t already), and to fill in your August Forecast page (more in that in this post).

An Academic Planner did a wonderful post called Making Self-Improvement Plans with Quo Vadis’ Life Noted Planner. We sent her the Life Noted planner to review but never dreamed she would show so many details on how she has set up her yearly and monthly goals pages! Thanks so much for the wonderful demonstration!

She is very thorough in setting up her annual goals and breaking them down by month, then selecting 4 things to focus on each month. She then shows us how she incorporates those action items into her calendar and her daily schedule.

Check out her entire setup and review of the Life Noted planner here!

The 2018-2019 academic year Life Noted planners and the 2019 January-December Life Noted planners are now available! They are designed to help you set and track your goals all year so you can become your best self.

For more information about the Life Noted planners click here!

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