Time management Monday: Refresh yourself with a Day-Cation

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Boston Public Gardens Panorama

Recently my son was the lucky winner of tickets to an event at the Big City a short flight away from us. It took some doing to arrange a trip on such short notice, but I was so glad we went. We spent the whole day in the Big City, had a fantastic time at the event, went around and saw the sights, and had a great time.

Just the 36 hours away in a different place in total vacation mode without any of my usual responsibilities or day to day routines made me feel so free and relaxed. (It also made me realize just how much of a rut I’d been in!) We were tourists for the day, with a free pass to do whatever we wanted. It was so liberating!

I highly recommend doing a Day-Cation, it’s like hitting your reset button. You don’t necessarily have to fly anywhere, or even go very far. Book an event at your nearest Big City, go for an overnight camping trip somewhere, spend a day at a nature reserve, at the beach or lake, or wherever is a change from your normal day to day setting.

Most importantly, get away from home. Arrange things ahead of time so you won’t have to do any work/ school, errands, chores, or anything else besides go out and have fun. Bonus points for going out and doing something you’ve never done before or going someplace you haven’t been.

Just one day outside your usual life can help you feel refreshed and come back refocused!

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