New look for 2018-2019 Textagenda and 2019 Notor daily pages!

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The new streamlined look of the daily pages in the 2018-2019 Textagenda and 2019 Notor daily planners!

We had a lot of feedback from academic year Textagenda and January-December Notor users who did not like the colorful and young-looking daily pages from the past few years. Especially Notor users felt the pages looked unsuitable for a professional environment.

Admittedly, the pages are designed in France for their Textagenda planners, which have a much younger demographic in France (8-18 years olds) than US Textagenda users (high school and university students) and Notor users who are often professionals who use their planner in their work environment.

Your feedback, as always, was much appreciated. We always strive to provide our customers with products that are helpful in their lives and pleasing to use. We were very happy when the Textagenda and Notor pages were redesigned this year in line with the wishes of our US customers! You can see the new look of the daily pages at the top of this post.

The new streamlined look gives you uninterrupted space to write. You can keep it simple with the clear and professional looking pages as they are, or people who like to decorate their planners can add their own embellishments in their preferred color scheme.

We hope you love the new look of the Textagenda and Notor pages, and as always we welcome your feedback!

You can see more information about the academic year Textagenda planners here and January-December Notor planners here, including cover options and where to buy. All 2018-2019 academic year planners and 2019 planners are now available and ready to ship!

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