Life Noted planner: How to use the months on two pages

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Welcome back to our series of posts showing how to use the new Life Noted planner!

In this post I showed you photos of all the different types of pages including the annual and monthly assessment and goals pages, and the monthly and weekly pages. In this post I gave you tips on how to use the annual goals pages. In this post I got you started with tips on how to use the monthly review pages (although we’ll have a series on that every month starting in August).

In today’s post I’ll show you the basics of how to use the months on two pages!


There are months on two pages embedded in the weekly pages, so at the start of each month you get this month’s overview. There are a few different sections on the pages in addition to the daily spaces. These sections are designed to help you stay on track with your goals by keeping them visible all month long.

There’s space each day for an overview of scheduled events and deadlines. This is how I like to use my monthly pages. But you can use them any way you want: as a record of your exercise or meals, keeping track of your grades or study schedule, tracking work hours or payments, etc. The pages are flexible so you can adapt them to use however you like!

At the bottom of the left page is space to write your Objectives for the month. These will flow from your monthly goals from the previous page. This helps keep your goals visible, and gives you more space to break them down into specific actions.


At the right side of the right page is where you write tasks that need to be done sometime this month but not in any particular week. Each week as you write your to-do lists, check this list to see what you can fit in. This keeps longer-range tasks from dropping off the radar.

At the bottom of the right page is open space where you can continue writing your Objectives, do mind mapping, write inspirational quotes, your theme for the month, or anything else you like in this space!


The beauty of the Life Noted pages is that they don’t dictate or force you to use them in any specific way. They guide you and remind you, but you are still free to use the pages in any way that works best for you. You can even use them differently month to month as your needs change.

The 2018-2019 academic year and 2019 January-December Life Noted planners are now available! For more information on where to buy including international orders click here.

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