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Approaching the Eiffel Tower

Summer’s here and with it comes travel and adventure! I’ve written about journaling while traveling a couple of times here on Quo Vadis blog: in this post (Journaling While Traveling) I said it’s hard to keep up on journaling while traveling because I’m so busy getting out and doing things. And in this post (Quick Travel Journaling) I gave advice on how to quickly and easily get the basics down on paper of what happened each day so you don’t have to take up too much time from your trip to record it.

Several people commented on the Journaling While Traveling post saying they’re so busy having fun on their travels they wait until they get home from their trip to fill in their travel journal. Here are some ways to write your travel journal later while still remembering the details of your trip:

Do the method I described in the Quick Travel Journaling post (Date, Where, Who, What, Highlights) to get some details down quickly each day during your trip. You can do this in a notebook, in your planner as April commented that she does, or on sticky notes as Julie does. This will create a daily log that you can look back on later as you go through your photos and fill in your memories of the day. This is also a great way to catalog your photos with where you were and what you did each day.

I really liked Darren’s idea of sitting down with family after a trip together to collectively remember what you did and what was memorable for each person. This is a great way to remember the trip together!

Writing your travel journal later brings with it some risk that you might forget some details, but it offers you a chance to relive your trip through your fresh memories!

If you are looking for a small, high quality journal you can easily carry with you on your travels and keep forever I recommend the pocket size Habana notebook (info and where to buy here) and the A6 size softcover Rhodia notebook (info and where to buy here). Both have acid-free paper that is suitable for fountain pens.

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