Writing Wednesday: Clairefontaine notebooks in new mystery novel!

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Reader Gail recently sent us this email:

Clairefontaine notebooks are mentioned several times in Jean Luc Bannalec’s new mystery, Murder on Brittany Shores, including how durable they are. Cool!

Clairefontaine notebooks are made in France, where this story takes place, and can be found pretty much everywhere there. In France, Clairefontaine notebooks are used by everyone from schoolchildren to businesspeople and, apparently, detectives too! They come in many sizes, and their smooth 90 gsm paper is fountain pen friendly.

We love hearing about Clairefontaine notebooks and other Exaclair products in books and movies, and when artists and authors use our products.

We can add Jean Luc Bannalec (real name Jorg Bong) to our list of Famous Fans of Clairefontaine notebooks!

Have you seen Clairefontaine notebooks in movies or mentioned in literature?

For more information on Clairefontaine notebooks including where to buy, click here.



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