Quo Vadis planners: Something for everyone!

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Quo Vadis planners come in an enormous range of formats and sizes from small pocket size planners to extra large desk size. There are daily planners, monthly planners, and a huge range of weekly planners with different layouts for every need!

Sizes and formats: Need lots of writing space? Or do you need a small planner to jot quick reminders? Quo Vadis planners range in size from extra large to small and portable (although even the planners with extra large pages are still portable due to the slimness and lightness of the book).

This post can help you choose which weekly format will work best for you. You can also find daily and monthly planners in our selection too. Click here to see all of our planner formats.

Pretty and fun covers: We have pretty and colorful covers, including colors available in the Kali, Club, Texas, and Soho covers, the Sunrise and sunset covers,

and the Metallic covers:

Planners for men/ gender neutral/ professional looking planners:  We also have covers in neutral and professional colors in our leather-like Club and Soho covers and our genuine leather covers.

Eco-friendly and recycled planners:  All Quo Vadis planners are made to strict environmental standards. We also have a line of planners with 100% recycled paper, our Equology planners. You can read more about our eco-friendly and recycled planners here.

Fountain pen friendly planners: All Quo Vadis planners are made with smooth luxurious Clairefontaine paper. Many of our planners have paper that has specifically been designed to be used with fountain pens. See all of our fountain pen friendly planners here!

Bullet journaling: We also have planners that work particularly well for bullet journaling (which saves you from having to draw out your pages week after week!). You can see demos of bullet journaling in the Rhodia weekly planner here and the Hebdo weekly planner here.

Planners for all needs: We have planners for you whether you use your planner for scheduling, memory keeping, art, goal setting, and more. See this post for more ideas!

Quo Vadis has been helping people to manage their time and lives for more than 60 years. As planner experts, we strive to provide products that help our customers in all aspects of their lives. No matter who you are or what you do, we have a planner for you!

The 2018-2019 academic year planners are available now (click here for more info) and the 2019 January-December planners will be available soon!

For more information on all the Quo Vadis planners, see QuoVadisPlanners.com.

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