Month Theme for May 2018: Your Best Self

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On the first Wednesday of each month we have a post with the month’s theme. The month theme is something to think about, journal about, include in your daily intentions, and/or be mindful of all month. It’s also a good topic for folks doing our Page Per Day Challenge.

This month’s theme is about trying to be your best self.

Those of you who use our Daily Journaling Prompts will know that Your Best Self is also the theme for the DJPs this month. There is a difference between the two though: the Daily Journaling Prompts will help you think about what your best self is, and what you can do to become that.

But for the overall theme this month, see if you can keep in mind every day whether you are living up to your ideals of your best self. In your interactions with people at work, in your family, or socially, ask yourself, am I being my best self? With your work, ask yourself, is this up to the level that my best self can produce?

At the end of each day (or at the beginning of the following day, whenever you have time), ask yourself: what did I do today that was in line with My Best Self? What could I have done better? What will I work on tomorrow?

The Month Theme comes out on the first Wednesday of each month. You can see all the month themes here.

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