Life Noted planner demo video!

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Check out this short video of the new Life Noted planners! It shows a flip through of the pages with demos on how to use the Review, Priorities, and Goal Setting pages, monthly and weekly pages, and end of the year pages too. You can see how the pages work to help you focus on your goals all year.

The video also shows the covers: the non-refillable Noir cover and the refillable Kali covers available in 6 different colors.

refillable Kali covers for Life Noted planners

See the video here!

The Life Noted planners are brand new to the Quo Vadis lineup. The page size is 6 1/4 by 9 3/8 inches and the paper is 90 gsm white smooth Clairefontaine paper, designed for use with fountain pens and other inks. The paper is made in France under strict environmental regulations, and the planners are printed and bound in the USA.

For lots more information about the Life Noted planners with photos of the pages click here!

The 2018-2019 academic year planners will be available in a few days, and the 2019’s will be out later this summer. Check back here on Quo Vadis blog soon for more info!

8 thoughts on “Life Noted planner demo video!

  1. I love the space for writing out the yearly priorities and assessment.

    I wonder wondering about the ‘The paper is made in France under strict environmental regulations…’ part. Do you know what those regulations are? I think that’s fantastic, I would just like to know what they are.

  2. This planner looks absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to get started. I always have such a hard time finding the best way to plan and track my goals because nothing seems perfect. I am excited to give this a try… and the paper is perfect. I love that it’s fountain pen friendly. Thanks!

  3. This planner looks awesome! I love the optional cover, as well. It seems well-thought-out with layouts and features most people will actually use. It’s got structure but also some flexibility. It also doesn’t seem like there’s much “filler.” I think I need this!

    • Hi! You are right, there is some structure but it’s not prescribed so you are free to take your own direction.

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