Eco-friendly and recycled planners

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Quo Vadis has been dedicated to the environment for decades. Quo Vadis planners are eco-friendly in numerous ways:

The paper used in all Quo Vadis planners is Clairefontaine paper made in France, where the water that is returned to the river is cleaner than when it entered the mill. The paper and manufacturing are PEFC certified, which means they conform to strict environmental standards and the paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Quo Vadis planners are available with refillable covers that can be used year after year. Many covers can be used on more than one planner so even if you change planners you can still use your cover. For example, the following planners all use the same cover size: open-format academic year Scholar and January-December Hebdo; weekly with timed daily columns Minister and Academic Minister; and the week + notes Space 24. You can check the page dimensions of all our planners at

We also have a line of planners with recycled paper, our Equology line of planners. They are made with 100% recycled paper and have refillable covers.

Equology recycled planners

The Equology recycled paper planners are available for our academic year weekly Scholar and daily Textagenda planners. You can buy the Equology Scholar planner here and the Equology Textagenda here. (choose Equology in the Planner Cover Style pull-down menu.)

The 2018-2019 Equology cover colors are Red, Black, and new Violet:

and Turquoise!

Quo Vadis continues to strive for environmental excellence and is committed to manufacturing our products in eco-friendly and sustainable ways.

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