Daily Journaling Prompts for June 2018

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Couldn't resist it!

Continuing our series on daily journaling prompts, here is a list of journaling topics for every day in June! This gives everyone some new ideas for journaling, and can help take the pressure off to think of something to journal about every day, especially for people doing our Page Per Day Challenge.

Some days are the same each month:

At the beginning of each month we write our goals for the upcoming month. Even if you did this earlier in the year, things change so it’s a good idea to re-set and update your goals each month. We also write what we are looking forward to this month.

Mid-month we see what progress we’ve made. This is a chance to jump-start any goals that have slipped off your radar and regain focus.

At the end of the month we write about good things/ favorite moments for the month, and evaluate our goals progress to see what still needs work in the upcoming weeks.

All the other days have new journaling topics and writing prompts!

Usually there is a theme each month, but this month it’s random! Have fun!

1: What do you want to do this month? Write your goals for the month, and think about what you need to do to accomplish them.

2: What are you excited about in the coming month?

3: In general, do you like surprises? Why or why not?

4: What was the best surpise you ever got?

5: If you could go back in time to any time and place in history, when and where would you go and why? What would you want to do there? Who would you want to talk to?

6: If you could go to any point in the future to see what it’s like, when and where would you go? What would you want to see there? Who would you want to talk to?

7: What do you think the world will be like in 10 years?

8: What do you think the world will be like in 50 years?

9: If you had lived 100 years ago, what do you think your life would have been like? What type of job would you have done? Where would you have lived?

10: If you could speak and understand any language in the world (besides what you already speak and understand), what language would you choose and why?

11: If you could be a professional athlete, which sport would you do?

12: Would you rather climb a mountain or see the ocean floor in a submarine?

13: What was your most awkard moment as a kid?

14: Who was your best friend when you were 10 years old?

15: Mid-month review! How are your goals coming along? What can you accomplish in the remainder of this month?

16: Would you rather fly an airplane, sail a boat, or drive a tank? Why?

17: Today is Father’s Day! What is your favorite memory of your dad?

18: “My dad has given me the best gift anyone has ever given me. He gave me wings to fly.” Adria Arjona What does this quote mean to you?

19: If you could have discovered any continent, sea, or landmark, what would it be and why?

20: Who is the funniest person you know?

21: Today is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere! What is your favorite summer memory?

22: If you could spend the summer anywhere at all, where would you go? What would you do? Who would be with you?

23: “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” Sam Keen What are some things you can do in the summer that you can’t get away with any other time of year?

24: If you wrote a novel, what would it be about?

25: If you could be either telekinetic or telepathic, which would you be and why?

26: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Walt Disney What have you done in your life that you did not think was possible at the time? What would you like to do that others tell you is not possible?

27: If you could spend a week at a beach house with any 5 people from the present or history, who would you choose and why?

28: What would you do during the week in the question above?

29: What good things happened this month? What were your favorite moments this month?

30: Month review! How did this month go? Which goals did you complete? What do you still need to work on?

The new Daily Journaling Prompts for the next month come out on the last Wednesday of each month. Look for July’s DJPs here on Quo Vadis blog Wednesday June 28th!

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