Time management Monday: Reduce it

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The post Just Don’t Do It discussed how it’s impossible to do absolutely everything, and walked you through the process of deciding which tasks you could let go of entirely and not do at all. As nice as it is to take some things off your to-do list, the fact is most tasks are on your list for a reason: they need to be done. And yet, we’re back where we started: it’s impossible to do everything. So how do you make sure you have the time to get the important things done?

When looking at your task list, think of which items could be reduced. That is, what can you do to cause these tasks to take less time?

Here are some ideas:

If you are expected to take food to an event: yes of course it would be nice to make the food yourself. But the fact is, we are all busy. There’s nothing wrong with buying a dessert or salad instead of making it from scratch. Alternatively, you could for example make a salad quickly by using precut and prewashed veg. Or if you’re really pressed for time, order food to be delivered.

Order items online instead of searching for them in stores. Often you can find discount codes so it’s cheaper anyway.

Here’s a huge time saver: Decide that good enough is good enough. Don’t spend hours revising your presentation or project, or agnoizing over that decision. Get it done and move on.

Use as many shortcuts as you can for home chores so you can spend as little time on these tasks as possible. Cleaning products and tools that simplify the job and let you get done quicker are worth the investment. If it’s in your budget, hire someone else to do some of your home chores. See if you can afford to hire a service. Better yet, see if there are students in your area doing sponsored fundraisers. Hire them to mow your lawn, wash your car, do some painting, etc for sponsorship.

What are some ways you can think of to make your necessary tasks take less time?

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