Time management Monday: Quarter year evaluation

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What is life?

Believe it or not, this year is 1/4 over! It’s time to take stock, see how your goals are coming along so far, and see how you can get back on track if you’ve slipped a bit.

First, take a look back at your goals this year. It’s okay if you didn’t make formal goals at the beginning of the year; just think about what you wanted and expected to accomplish this year.

How far along are you toward reaching your goals this year?

Look back through your planner or journal so far this year. Write down what you have accomplished. Congratulate yourself on your successes!

Now think about what you didn’t manage to accomplish, especially if you thought or expected you would have done it by now. What got in your way? What were your roadblocks? How can you overcome these in the future?

Think about what you want to accomplish over the next several months, and by the end of this year. Are you on track? Will you finish your goals in time?

Strategize ways you can be more successful in your goals. Make sure you schedule your goal tasks into your days, so you can make time to work toward your goals.

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