Time management Monday: Planning (far) ahead

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Do you need to plan beyond the current year in your planner? Here are some tips on how to plan farther into the future in your current planner.

Anno-Planner: Many Quo Vadis planners have anno-planning pages for the following year. This is where you write things that need to happen in the following year. For example doctor and dentist appointments, other long range plans and events can all be written here. When you start using next year’s planner, use these pages as an easy reference to fill in dates.

Anno-planning pages give you a view of the entire year

Annual recurring and far-future dates: Things that happen every year can be written into the Notes booklet in the back of your planner and moved into your new planner each year. Create a page for each month where you write things you need to remember every year that month like pet vaccines, birthdays, annual insurance renewals etc. When you set up your new planner each year, reference your booklet for monthly recurring events and fill them into your new planner pages.

You can also use the booklet’s monthly pages for far-future reminders, like credit card expiration dates, driver’s licence or passport expiration dates, etc. Just write the year next to the event, then when you set up your planner that year write your reminder to renew or take action on the appropriate pages.

For more information on how to use a booklet for recurring and far future dates see this post.


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