Quo Vadis Planners longevity and reliability

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Quo Vadis has been making planners for more than 60 years, helping millions of people worldwide become more productive and effective with their time management. The planners are of the highest quality, and their luxurious smooth paper is made in France under very strict environmental regulations.

These are reasons why I first started using Quo Vadis planners years ago, and continue to do so now. I know the products and the company are reliable.

I love reading emails and comments from customers who have been using Quo Vadis planners for 10, 15, 20 years or more!

The original Quo Vadis planner was the Agenda Planning Diary, which is the format in the Trinote and Prenote planners. Proven time management and productivity methods are built right into the planner so all you have to do is open it up and start using it immediately with no setup time. This planner has been used by Quo Vadis customers for over 60 years because it works. The weekly format incorporates your schedule, tasks, notes, and priorities, all in one view. You can read more about this planner here.

The original Agenda Planning Diary format, still available in the Trinote and Prenote planners.


Since that first planner, Quo Vadis planners have expanded to a huge variety of formats and sizes to suit every need. Each Quo Vadis planner is made with the same exacting standards: strong binding, excellent paper, and formats that incorporate proven time management techniques into your weekly schedule.

To learn more about Quo Vadis planners, see QuoVadisPlanners.com.

The new planners are coming soon! 2018-2019 academic year planners will be available in May, and the 2019 planners will be available later in the summer.

If you would like some help choosing the right planner for your needs, leave a comment here and I will be happy to help!

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