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Last week I gave you a sneak peek of the new Life Noted planners! I am very excited about these planners! They have goal setting and management built right into the pages to help you stay on track with your goals all year.

The 2018-2019 academic year Life Noted planners are now shipping, and the 2019 January-December planners will be available later in the summer. The Life Noted planners will come with a variety of cover options.

Now I’ll take you for a walk through the planner! This is the academic year version, which runs August-July.

At the beginning of the planner there are anno-planning pages for the current year, which allow you to see the entire year in a two-page spread. This is a great overview of your year and lets you see big events, holidays, travel, deadlines, projects and exams.

Next there are a couple of pages showing you how to use the Life Noted system. I won’t show you these pages! But I’ll tell you some of the tips in this and other posts.

All the pages in the Life Noted planners are designed to be flexible in how they can be used. There are suggestions, but nothing is prescribed. If you want to use the pages differently from how they are suggested, you are completely free to do so. Nothing will get in your way. The pages are designed to give you the space and freedom to use them your way, but with the guidance to remind you how and when to use them for maximum effectiveness.

Next there is a page where you can assess the previous year. What went well? What did you learn? From that you determine your priorities for the upcoming year (right page). What do you want to focus on?

Then there’s a page to write your goals for the upcoming year. What do you want to accomplish? After that there is a page to list the action steps you need to take to work toward your goals. This page is dot grid so you can do mind maps, diagrams, lists, charts, etc.

Then we get into the year. Before every month there is a Forecast page. This is where you break down your year’s goals into what you can to this month. List your goals for the upcoming month, and below that decide what actions/ tasks to do in order to reach these goals.


Next is the month on two pages, giving you the overview of the entire month so you can plan ahead easily. This lets you see what’s coming up all month, so you can be prepared for deadlines and events. There is a space to write tasks that need to be done sometime this month, and your month’s objectives so you can keep them visible all month.


Next we get into the weekly pages. These pages have been designed for maximum flexibility of use, while guiding you to keep your goal tasks visible every day. You can either use this as your main planner and write in scheduled events and tasks, or you can use this separately as your Goals journal. The daily spaces have lots of room to keep track of your daily appointments and to-dos. Or you can use the open daily spaces as journaling space, reflection, gratitude, etc. There is a designated space each day for your goal-related tasks to keep them visible and to remind you to prioritize your goals.


There is a full size space for each day, even Saturday and Sunday. On each weekly page there is a space to write your goals for that week. This is where you break down your goals for the month into weekly bites. Then you break down the weekly goals into which actions you can take each day, and write those into the daily To Do List spaces.

There is also a space for Reminders. This could be reminders of things happening this week, or coming up. Or you can use this space for more goals tracking, or weekly reviews.

At the end of that month’s weekly pages, you get a page (left) to review the month. Assess your month, re-evaluate your priorities, then use those priorities to decide the next month’s goals (right page) and then list the actions you need to do in the upcoming month to reach those goals.

Next is September’s monthly pages:


Followed by September’s weekly pages, etc. This pattern repeats throughout the planner with the monthly review pages and upcoming month forecast pages embedded in the weeks, so when you turn the page it reminds you it’s time to do your review and prepare for the upcoming month.

At the end of the planner there is another anno-planner for the upcoming year. This is a great place to write reminders of things happening in the next year to help you plan ahead.

After that there are pages to assess your year:

Did you reach your goals? Why or why not? Are there still things you need to continue to work on?

From this evaluation you determine your priorities for the next year, and write those on the next page.

From those priorities you decide your goals for the next year, and your action steps to reach those goals.

By the end of the book you have set and tracked your goals for the whole year, and set yourself up for your goals for the next year too.

The paper in the Life Noted planners is the gorgeous white super-smooth 90gsm Clairefontaine paper which is designed to be used with a variety of pens including fountain pens. The paper is made in France under strict environmental regulations, and the planners are printed and bound in the USA.

The Life Noted planners have a page size of 6 1/4 by 9 3/8 inches, which gives lots of writing space in a portable size book.

Watch for more information on the Life Noted planners soon here on Quo Vadis blog!

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