What makes a great journal?

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What are the characteristics of a great journal?

Obviously you want your pages to be of archival quality, so your writing lasts for years and years. (Check your pen to make sure the ink is archival quality too.)

You want the paper give you a pleasant writing experience and work well with all your favorite pens.

It’s nice if your journal has a pocket, so you can tuck in mementos, ticket stubs, papers, etc.

You want the book to lie open flat for ease of writing.

What else?

If you want an elegant journal with a soft-touch cover, you want the Habana notebooks. They come in two sizes, slightly larger than A5, and pocket size. Both sizes are slim and lightweight so you can journal wherever you go.

Another great journaling option is the Clairefontaine My Essential notebook. With index pages and numbered grid or lined pages, you can keep track of your memories and ideas to reflect on later.

What do you look for in your ideal journal?

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  1. Also ensures paper is good for fountain pens on BOTH sides of the page – no skipping or rough fiber texture or bleed through. Finally, something I’ve noticed is lacking in the days of eco-trash paper, as close to white as possible. The dingy ivory shades hurt my eyes in low light and ruin the jewel colors of quality inks.

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