Top 10 posts for March 2018

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Here are the most-read posts this month! There was a lot of interest in using your paper planner along with electronic calendar apps, how to balance the two, and how to best utilize each.

10: What Makes A Great Journal? asks which notebook characteristics are most important to you.

9: How To Do Monthly Planning shows you how to plan each month to work on your goals, prepare for events and deadlines, not be surprised by bills coming up, work out your weekly details, and prepare for the following month.

8: How To Use A Planner: A Guide For New Users is always in our top 10! It has great advice for anyone who uses a paper planner.

7: This post gives you ideas on different ways to use your paper planner along with your electronic calendar app.

6: This post has lots of practical tips on how to avoid procrastinating when working from home.

5: Penny showed us how she uses her Quo Vadis planner along with her Rhodia Goalbook!

4: This post tells you how to use printables in your planner.

3: Whether you’re using a paper planner along with your calendar app, a personal planner and a work planner, separate planners for yourself and your family, or any other combination thereof, this post will give you advice on successfully using more than one planner at the same time.

2: How to Transition from Digital to Paper Planning gives you tips on how to make the switch, and reasons why you might want to.

1: The Daily Journaling Prompts for March was our most popular post this month! The DJPs are always in our most-read posts every month.

Look for the Top 10 posts of the month on the last Thursday of each month.

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