Time management Monday: Spring cleaning your time management system

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Bond cleaning

Now that we’re a few months into the year, you have a pretty good idea of what’s working well with your time management system, what’s not working, and what could use some streamlining.

If your time management system is cluttered and overly-complicated, take some time to cut through the noise and clear out the junk.


If you’re feeling scattered with task lists everywhere (in your planner and/ or notebooks, in apps on your phone, etc.) streamline the whole process. There are a couple of methods:

Master list: use one master task list for work and one for personal. Have tasks ranked by urgency/ priority. Each day, look at your list and pull tasks onto today’s to-do list.

Timely tasks: write tasks in your planner in the day, week or month they need to be done.



If you are using your paper planner along with a scheduling app, the key is to use one planning system as your master system, and any information that goes to other planners flows from the main one. If you are using more than one scheduling system and aren’t sure which one to look at, it’s time to streamline.

If you’re feeling like your planner isn’t working well enough for you, there’s still time to get a new one! Quo Vadis planners are still available for this year, in lots of sizes and formats. See all the Quo Vadis planners at QuoVadisPlanners.com.


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