Time management Monday: Printables for your planner

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One of my favorite planner hacks is to print pages to stick into my planner. Most people think of printable planner pages only for ring binder planning systems. But it’s easy to print pages to stick into bound planners too.

I have several types of pages I like to print for my planners.

I keep a list of contact numbers and information that I print and stick into my new planner each year to have on hand in case my phone gets lost or my battery is dead and I need to reference a number. I print this list onto halfsize paper and stick it to the front page of my planner for easy reference.

If my planner doesn’t have monthly pages, I use free printables online and stick them into the booklet in the back of my planner.

If you have information that doesn’t change year to year, you can print it and stick it into your planner’s booklet, then just move that booklet into your new planner each year.

You can find printable pages for just about anything online: budget, trackers, reference pages, etc.

If your planner is larger than 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, you can print directly onto half size or A5 pages and stick them right into your planner. Or you can print smaller onto full size paper and trim the page to fit your planner.

Do you print pages to stick into your planner? What types of pages do you use?

5 thoughts on “Time management Monday: Printables for your planner

  1. Why didn’t I think of that! I miss having monthly pages and now I can have them. Will use the tape option. Really great tip!

  2. Do you use a glue stick? I like the idea of being able to expand info for important events, maybe even take notes.

    • I just use tape. Another option is to tape only along the inner edge of a page so it’s still turnable. That allows you to see both sides of the page, and to see the planner page underneath.

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