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We love hearing from customers and we always strive to help you find high quality products that fit your needs!


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers:


Q: Where can I buy Quo Vadis planners and notebooks?

A: There are several online retailers that carry our entire range of planners and notebooks. Click here to see the list of online retailers.

Some brick and mortar stores carry a limited range of Quo Vadis products. Barnes and Noble is the main one. You can use our store locator to find a store near you that carries Exaclair products, but be sure to call ahead to see if they have the particular product you are looking for.


Q: Paper and pens? We get a lot of questions about the different papers used in our planners, and what pens work well on them.

A: There are several different papers used in Quo Vadis planners.

Some planners have ivory paper of different weights: desk size planners have 90 gsm paper while pocket planners have thinner paper to keep the book lightweight and portable.

A few of our Exacompta planners have paper with a slight greenish tint, which is called Registre Azure and is designed to be easy on the eyes. You can read more about this paper and which planners have it here.

This post has information on which types of papers work best with which pens. You can see the list of planners with paper that has specifically been designed for use with fountain pens here.


Q: I bought a Quo Vadis/ Clairefontaine/ Exaclair product while I was traveling in Europe, but I don’t see it in the US products lineup. Why?

A: Our parent company is in France, where there is the largest range of planners and notebooks. We import certain products into the US range.

All planners sold in the US have been printed in our plant in Hamburg, New York on Clairefontaine paper imported from France.


Q: Are Quo Vadis products eco-friendly?

A: Quo Vadis products are manufactured to strict European regulations. In fact European regulations are often more strict than in other countries. The paper used in Quo Vadis planners and notebooks is manufactured in France, where the water is returned to the river cleaner than when it arrived at the mill.

The paper is sustainably sourced and PEFC certified.

The Quo Vadis Equology line of planners are made from recycled paper.

And most of our planners are available as refills, allowing you to reuse your cover year after year.


Q: I want to buy a different cover for my planner. Can I buy just the cover?

A: Yes! Click here to choose the size, material and color of cover you want to buy.


Do you have any other questions? We would be happy to answer them!


2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Are the different type of planners interchangeable with the same cover? For example I was going to purchase the septonote with the Texas cover and then maybe switch to the scholar when I need a refill. Are they the same size? I was looking at the 7 x 9 inch.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Amy, sorry the Septanote and the Scholar are not the same size. However several planners are the same size and so their covers are interchangeable. For example the Septanote and Trinote are the same size. The Scholar, Minister, and Space 24 are all the same size. You can check the page size of each planner on QuoVadisPlanners.com. Also unfortunately the Septanote is discontinued for 2018-2019. You can see more information about that here: https://quovadisblog.com/2018/01/septanote-academic-year-planner-discontinued/

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