Where to find Clairefontaine spiral bound notebooks in the USA

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Recently in one of the planner groups on Facebook, someone asked for recommendations for spiral bound notebooks with high quality paper, which isn’t always easy to find in the US. Spiral bound notebooks are easy to find, but they are usually made for school use and the paper quality isn’t great. This person was looking for paper that can handle inks without bleeding through.

I of course recommended the Clairefontaine spiral bound notebooks. They have 90 gsm fountain pen friendly paper and come in various sizes.

There are several online retailers in the USA that sell the spiral bound Clairefontaine notebooks. You can see the list of retailers with their contact details here.

You can also look for a store near you that sells Clairefontaine notebooks with our Store Finder. I recommend phoning ahead before you go to the store to make sure they have the particular product you are looking for.

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