Top 10 posts for February 2018

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Here are the most-read posts this month!

10: This post answered the question on where to find spiral bound Clairefontaine notebooks in the USA.

9: Last month I got to go to Paris and see the new Exaclair products coming this year! You can read all about it here.

8: This post is frequently in our Top 10 and helps you answer the question: Combined Work and Personal Bullet Journal, or Separate?

7: Lots of people were inspired by Susan’s Inspiration Book!

6: Time management Monday: 5 Minute Breaks gives you lots of ideas for quick breaks designed to help you refresh and refocus.

5: The Planner Drought Is Coming. If you are still looking for a 2018 planner, hurry before they are gone!

4: This post struck a chord with people this month: What to do if your planner isn’t working well enough for you. There’s still time to do something about it!

3: Here’s one that’s always among our most-read posts: How To Use A Planner: A Guide For New Users. Despite “new users” being in the title, this post has excellent advice for anyone using a paper planner.

2: The second-most read post this month is the Daily Journaling Prompts for January. Even though the journaling prompts were for last month, they were all about setting your goals for the year and can be done any time. Better late than never!

1: The most-read post this month was the Daily Journaling Prompts for February! The Daily Journaling Prompts posts are always in our top 10. They give you a new topic to journal about every day, all year.

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