Time management Monday: The importance of seeing white space in your days

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Recently in one of the planner groups on Facebook I saw a comment from someone who ditched her electronic planning app in favor of a paper planner because it allows her to easily see the white space in her days. This is one of the (many) reasons why I love paper planners too. They allow me to see the landscape of my week all in one view, and see when I have space between scheduled events where I can tuck in tasks.

Below you can see an example of a week with lots of scheduled events. Seeing the white space between scheduled items gives you an easy visual on how much time is actually available each day, and when. For example, obviously not much is going to get done on Monday besides what is scheduled. Elsewhere in the week you can see space where tasks can fit in.

You can see examples of time blocking like on Monday from 2:30-4 Work On Budget Proposal and Thursday 9:30-11 Work On Report. Blocking out time to work on specific projects helps you reserve large chunks of time for deep-thinking work.

Seeing the white space in your schedule also allows you to pad your schedule, giving you time to travel from place to place and allowing you to factor in unexpected events and emergent tasks without causing a crisis.

I rely on being able to see the white space in my schedule so I can fit in tasks, so I can organize my week like a jigsaw puzzle.

Using a paper planner allows me to have complete control over how and when I schedule my week and fit in my tasks.

The planner shown is the Prenote, which is the extra large version of the Trinote. For more information on the Prenote weekly planner click here, and for info on where to buy click here. For more information on the Trinote weekly planner click here, and for information on where to buy click here.

Trinote and Prenote weekly format

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