Quo Vadis Journal 21 day per page planner as inspiration book on Well Planned Life!

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Susan was one of the winners of our day per page planners giveaway last year! She chose a Journal 21 day per page planner with a refillable turquoise Club cover.

Journal 21 day per page planner

Recently she emailed me the link to her post on her blog Well Planned Life describing how she is using her Journal 21 for her gratitude lists and inspirational quotes! She writes her daily gratitude at the top of the page, and prints out 3 quotes she likes and sticks them onto the day’s page.

This is a great idea for gratitude and inspiration, and would be a great way to do the Page Per Day Challenge too!

You can see Susan’s entire review of her Journal 21 planner with more photos in her post here.

The 2018 Journal 21 day per page planner is still available with a variety of cover colors and materials. For more information on the Journal 21 planner click here, and for where to buy click here.

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