Paper-only planning?

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I wrote today’s Free For All Friday post over on Philofaxy asking Filofax users if any of them use only their paper planner for planning, with no planning with electronic apps at all. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t use a scheduling app of some kind.

So I thought I would ask over here too. Do you do all of your planning in your paper planner? Or do you also use an electronic scheduling system of some kind?

Many people have to use an electronic calendar system for work, so people can schedule them into meetings etc. This was the case for me when I worked in a corporate environment. I used a paper planner for my personal life and Outlook for work.

Other people use their calendar app on their phone to coordinate family members.

Some people plan by doing a combination of keeping their schedule on their phone, then using their planner to plan their week ahead with their scheduled events and goals.

Other people do all of their scheduling electronically then use their paper planner after the fact for memory keeping.

Do you plan on paper only? Or do you use your paper planner along with an electronic calendar? Or do you schedule everything electronically and use your planner for memory keeping only? I am curious to know how people use their paper planners alongside or instead of electronic scheduling systems.

I have created a poll over in the sidebar. Please vote, and/ or leave a comment here on this post to tell us how you do your planning!

3 thoughts on “Paper-only planning?

  1. I use Google calendar for birthdays, so it reminds me every year with a week’s warning. I suppose I could get a birthday book and update each year’s planner, but that’s one more thing to have to keep track of, that I’d only use for 5 minutes a year. Otherwise it’s all paper.

  2. My vote is combination, however, I rarely check my Google calendar because I forget. My Trinote is what I keep on my desk or in my bag and I refer to it all day long. Even though I am retired, my husband and I have a small publishing company and I need to keep track of business items. Paper works best for me and I love the Trinote.

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