New Herbin products coming this year!

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Last week I wrote about my trip to Paris to see the new products coming out this year. I also saw some gorgeous Herbin products that will be released this year!

I saw the sealing waxes and brass seals, shown in the photo above. There are loads of different waxes including traditional, metallic, pearlescent, king’s wax with wick, and waxes designed to be used with glue guns.

I saw the new History of Writing gift set collection, which I failed to get a photo of unfortunately but these look gorgeous. The writing sets include Egyptian Scribe, Chinese Calligraphy, Medieval, and more. Each set comes with a writing implement, paper/ parchment/ papyrus as appropriate, and a bottle of ink.

I saw fountain pen nibs, glass pens, and wooden box sets.

I didn’t manage to get any information out of anyone as to what the new ink will be this year (top secret!) but I do know there will be a new ink released later this year!

Keep an eye out here for more information on new products throughout the year!

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