Writing Wednesday: Page Per Day Challenge ideas!

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Are you doing our Page Per Day Challenge? Not sure what the PPDC is? It’s an easy way to create a record of your life, one page at a time.

You can write, draw, stick in, or do any combination of things on your page each day. It can be your creative outlet, your collection of inspirational quotes, your to-do list, your goals tracking, anything at all. Over the course of weeks and months you’ll see what was on your mind and going on in your life.

Why one page each day? Because one page is easy to do, doesn’t take too much time, and is low-pressure. It’s manageable. And designating a page for every day makes it easy to be consistent. Just a little time each day results in a wonderful record of your life and memories.

What do you like to write/ draw/ stick in your page each day?

Click here to see examples of how other people use their page each day.

For journaling ideas every day check out our Daily Journaling Prompts for new topics to journal about every day, every month, all year!

For more information on our Page Per Day Challenge click here!

Planner shown is the day per page Journal 21.

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