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For the past few months we’ve been running a poll over in the sidebar asking if people would like the white paper Habana notebooks to be brought back. Currently the Habana notebooks are only available with ivory paper, but a few years ago they had white paper. When the switch to ivory-only paper was made, white-paper lovers went into mourning (myself included). The reason for the switch to ivory was to bring the US products lineup in line with the products lineup in France, which is where the parent company is located, for consistency across the brand.

Last year a reader contacted us to ask if the white paper Habanas would ever make a comeback. The answer is, it depends. In order to make them worth making, a (large) minimum number would have to be manufactured and sold.

So we set up the poll to ask readers if they would be interested in buying white paper Habanas again.

The results were positive, with 47% saying they would like lined white paper, 27% saying they would like blank white paper, and 26% saying no thanks they prefer ivory paper. Thank you to everyone who provided your feedback, we really appreciate it!

However, the number of voters was only 123, which is far fewer than the thousands of white paper notebooks that would have to be sold in order to make them cost effective.

I will pass on this feedback to the parent company in France, but in the end it is their decision as to whether or not it is cost effective for them to make the white paper Habanas again.

In the meantime, thanks again for your feedback and I will be sure to let you know if I hear any news about it!

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