Writing Wednesday: Writing Series in 2018

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We have several writing series here on Quo Vadis blog that will continue in 2018!

The Daily Journaling Prompts series gives you a new topic to journal about every day, every month, all year. These posts are always among the most-read posts each month. The next month’s Daily Journaling Prompts come out on the last Wednesday of the month.

The DJPs go well with our Page Per Day Challenge, where we write one page in a notebook or day per page planner every day for a year. The goal is to write, sketch, stick in, and otherwise capture anything about your life every day to create a record of memories of the year. You can write anything on your daily page: journaling, quotes, a record of your day, etc. We limit it to one page per day to make it quick and easy. You can see more about the Page Per Day Challenge with links to previous posts and examples of how people use their page per day here.

I also plan to revive the Famous Diaries And Journals category here on Quo Vadis blog. These posts were very popular this year despite not being very active. Since people seem to be interested, I will plan to write more of these.

What other series on writing would you like to see here on Quo Vadis blog? I would love your input! Please leave a comment.

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