Writing Wednesday: How to cultivate a journaling habit

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Journaling is a great way to reflect, focus your thoughts, explore your values and goals, record memories, and work through feelings. But it can be difficult to keep up on.

Lots of people start journaling with good intentions. But after a few days or weeks, the realization sets in that writing daily can be time consuming. Even though the benefits are great, not everybody has time to write pages and pages every day.

The good news is, you don’t need to spend a lot of time every day to enjoy the benefits of journaling!

Here are some tips:

To get into a daily journaling habit, the most effective way to stick with it is to use a dated day per page book. Studies show that people who use an undated notebook for journaling are much more likely to fall off the journaling wagon than those who use a dated diary. Without the prompting of a dated page each day, it’s all too easy not to write today, which turns into a week, which turns into you’ve stopped journaling completely.

Having dates pre-printed helps you overcome the reluctance to write on the empty pages. Many people are afraid to “mess up” the pristine condition of empty pages. But when you use a predated book, every page that doesn’t get written on is wasted. This will encourage you to write something each day.

The predated pages reduce the level of effort for daily writing. That’s a step already taken care of for you; you don’t even need to write the day and date. Just write directly onto today’s page.

Predated pages limit you in how much you can write each day, which is a good thing. You don’t feel like you have to commit to writing a lot each day. It doesn’t take long to write something meaningful on one page. In fact, writing one page per day is the point of our Page Per Day Challenge! This gets you into the journaling habit in a low-pressure, non-time-consuming way.

And part of the beauty of a dated book is it allows you to back-fill dates, which you can’t do when writing chronologically in an undated notebook.

At first, just write something, anything, on each day’s page. After awhile, you’ll discover what you like to write, and what you enjoy looking back on later. This will change as your journaling evolves. The result is an excellent record of what was going on in your life each day!

I highly recommend the Journal 21 page per day planner. It has a full page for every day, even Saturday and Sunday.

Journal 21 page per day diary

It has monthly pages that you can use as an index.

And the smooth paper can be used with fountain pens.

Kenneth 8

The Journal 21 comes with a variety of cover materials and colors. It makes a great gift for anyone who wants to get into the journaling habit!

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