Top 10 Quo Vadis Blog posts of 2017!

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Many thanks to everyone for another fantastic year here on Quo Vadis blog!

Here are the 10 most-read posts this year!

10: This post from several years ago asks What Can You Do With Old Planners? We had comments from people who say they use them as notebooks because they enjoy the smooth paper so much.

9: The Famous Diaries And Journals category was very popular this year! These posts share the story of famous journalists and their diaries, past and present.

8: This post from a few years ago asks, Do You Use Pencil Or Pen In Your Planner?

7: This one was a surprise: this post from 2011 asks Do You Use The Tear-Off Corners In Your Planner? We had lots of great replies!

6: This post gives you information and links to all of our Planners With Fountain Pen Friendly Paper. There’s a lot to choose from!

5: The Simplified Bullet Journal series demystifies the bullet journaling process and gets you started simply and quickly.

4: Separate Planners For Work Vs Personal Life? This post helps you decide if you should follow the “One Life, One Planner” rule, which many people find convenient. Reasons to keep separate planners: Some professions prevent taking information out of the workplace; some people find having separate planners for work and personal use helps their work/ life balance.

3: Daily Journaling Prompts by month are among the most-read posts each month. These posts give you a new topic to journal about every day, every month, all year. The Daily Journaling Prompts for the following month come out on the last Wednesday of each month.

2: Combined Work and Personal Bullet Journal, Or Separate? This post gives you some things to consider. Would it be more convenient to have work and personal entries in one notebook? Or are security and client confidentiality issues?

1: How To Use A Planner: A Guide For New Users was our most-read post this year! This post gives great how-to tips for anyone using a paper planner. For more tips and examples of how to use a planner, take a look at our How To Use A Planner category on Quo Vadis blog.

You can see the Top 10 posts for each month here. The monthly Top 10 post comes out on the last Thursday of each month. You can see the Top 10 posts for December 2017 here on Quo Vadis blog Thursday December 28th.

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