Time management Monday: Seeing the Big Picture

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One of the many reasons I love using a paper planner is it allows me to see the Big Picture. I can see everything I have going on, in one view.


I can see my goals and my tasks:

I can see my daily intentions, priorities, and exercise plan:


And I can see how to fit everything into my schedule.


With the Anno-Planner, I can see the layout of my entire year.

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t use a planner app on my phone. I don’t like having to log in, find the screen, have a limited view of my schedule, have a different app for my tasks, another app for my goals, etc.

I like to open my book and write directly onto the page. I like seeing everything I have going on in one view. I like to flip through the pages to see easily what’s coming up. I like being able to flip back to see what I did.

For me, using a paper planner is freedom. I don’t have some app telling me what to do or what fields to fill in.

My planner lets me see the Big Picture of my life, and doesn’t force me to conform to its rules.

The planner shown in the photos above is the Trinote weekly planner. To see all the weekly Quo Vadis planners, click here to go to our catalog page.

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