Time management Monday: Remember to enjoy the moment!

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Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!

So often in time management we get so caught up in the process of how to be more productive and effective with our time, we lose sight of the point of it all: to enjoy life! Yes sometimes it takes a lot of planning and work to make things happen. For example, if you are hosting Christmas dinner today you know well the amount of preparation required. But once the planning is done, remember to enjoy the moments as they happen!

And don’t forget to enjoy the process too, as much as you can. Yes the culmination of all your work will be your happy family sitting together around the table enjoying the feast. But don’t forget to enjoy the process of preparing the meal, get people to help you set up and clean up, take time to talk to everyone, etc. It’s not about perfection, it’s about enjoyment.

And that transfers to everything you do in life. Yes you have goals you want to achieve, but 99% of your time will be spent planning for and working toward those goals. You want to graduate, get a promotion, start your own business, complete the marathon, etc. Any goal worth doing will take a significant amount of time and effort. Don’t wait to enjoy yourself until the goal is done. Then you’ll have other goals to reach.

Make sure you pay attention and enjoy the steps along the way. These are the moments that make up your life!

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