Time management Monday: Planners for Men/ Gender Neutral Planners

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I don’t normally get gender-specific, but I want to address the elephant in the room: much of what I see online these days with regards to planners has a lot to do with decorating and stickers. That’s great for people who enjoy doing that. But I see comments from a lot of men in planner groups who are looking for information on planners for the sake of time management or record-keeping without the decorating aspect. So I’m going to address that here.

To be fair, this isn’t just for men only. Plenty of women want a planner that looks uncluttered and professional. This information is for you, too.

And plenty of people want a gender-neutral planner. This information is for you as well. All are welcome! Here we go:

All Quo Vadis planners are gender neutral and are designed to maximize time management. There are loads of formats, layouts, and sizes from pocket to large, with various features included. You can see all our weekly planners here, our daily planners here, and our monthly planners here. Within those links you can see the page layouts of each planner, and search by size or format.

For example, here are some of our most popular planners:

The Minister weekly planner:


The Hebdo weekly planner:


And the Rhodia week + notes planner:

The only real difference is the choice of cover. Quo Vadis has loads of cover options, in lots of colors with various cover materials. Each cover material has color choices ranging from bright to classic to basic black. Refillable covers can be used year after year with your planner refills. The refillable covers create pockets inside the front and back of the planner so you can tuck in papers and cards.

Here are some examples of the refillable cover options:

Soho covers have a very classy, leather-like look and soft feel. These covers look great at work or in any situation. Black, sapphire blue, and red (which is a darker, subdued red) all are great professional-looking gender-neutral options.


Club covers have a textured surface and stitched edges and have a slightly more casual look. The covers are hard wearing. Gender-neutral options are black, blue, red, and turquoise.


Texas covers have a soft texture and come in a variety of colors too:


Some of our planners are even available with leather covers, which look very upscale. See all of our covers and which planners have them here.

So if you are looking for a planner that is gender-neutral and/ or that you can use in a professional setting, we have a huge range of options in layouts, sizes, and covers! See all the Quo Vadis planners here.

If you want any advice on which planner would suit your needs, feel free to email me at Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com and I’d be happy to help you choose!

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