Quo Vadis planners and diaries in the UK and other countries

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I often get asked where to find Quo Vadis products outside the USA. Almost half the readers of this blog are outside the US, the vast majority of which are in the UK! Quo Vadis is an international brand and can be found in lots of countries around the world.

If you live in Europe: Quo Vadis is owned by a French company, so the largest range of products is available in France. If you are lucky enough to live in France you’ll find Quo Vadis planners and notebooks at your local stationery sellers. Similarly, if you live in other continental European countries you can often find Quo Vadis products locally. Go to quovadis.eu for more information on the European lineup of Quo Vadis products.

If you live in the UK, you’ll find an excellent selection of Quo Vadis planners and diaries at QuoVadis-Diaries.co.uk. You’ll find some products there that are also in the US lineup, such as the best-selling Minister weekly planner and Space 24 week + notes planner. You’ll also find lots of products that are made in France and are not available in the US such as the Agendascop weekly planner and the extra large day per page Daily 24. Quo Vadis UK ships internationally, so if you live outside the UK and see something you want, it’s easy to order it to be delivered in your country. You can go to XE.com or similar conversion website to see what the cost is in your currency. Keep in mind your credit card company will charge their own conversion rate, so check with them to find out how much it will actually cost you. Also keep in mind, depending on your country you may need to pay import taxes and/ or fees in addition to international shipping costs.

If you live in Australia, Milligram.com has an excellent selection of Quo Vadis planners and diaries.

If you live in other countries, click here for a list of retailers in the USA that ship internationally. Again keep in mind depending on your country’s import regulations you may need to pay import taxes and fees in addition to international shipping costs.

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