Page Per Day Challenge 2018!

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I’m happy to announce our Page Per Day Challenge will continue in 2018! We’ve been running this for a couple of years now. It doesn’t actually matter when you start, but January 1st seems like a natural starting day.

The goal of the PPDC is to write something on one page of your planner or notebook every day for a whole year. You can journal, do art, write quotes, keep a logbook of your days, stick in mementos, anything at all.

The reason it’s limited to one page every day is so that it’s manageable. It doesn’t take long to fill in one page. It’s not a major time commitment, and you don’t have to think too hard about what to write. Anything you capture on your day’s page is good. Over the course of the year, your daily pages will paint a picture of what your life was like, what you were thinking about, and what was going on.

If you want some help with topics to write about every day, look for our Daily Journaling Prompts each month. The next month’s daily prompts come out on the last Wednesday of each month.

And be sure to join our  Facebook group for Page Per Day Challengers!

You can see examples of what other people have been doing for their PPDC here.

This post can help you decide whether to use a dated page per day planner, or an undated notebook for your PPDC.

Check out our Page Per Day Challenge page for more information to get you started, and links to previous posts.

Welcome to the PPDC! I’m looking forward to seeing how my year develops, one page at a time.

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