Michael’s feedback on the Croco Scholar weekly planner he won

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Michael was one of the lucky winners of our giveaway of academic planners with the new Croco covers this summer! He has been enjoying using his Scholar weekly planner he won.

Scholar weekly planner

Here’s what he had to say:

I’m writing with my report on the Quo Vadis Croco weekly planner that I won in this summer’s raffle.
I would attach pictures of it, but every page has some kind of personal information that I don’t want made public.
In any event, I love the planner. This is the first planner I’ve ever owned and it has helped me organize my life so much. I prefer using it to using any electronic calendar on my phone or computer, because by writing something down, I remember it longer. This has really helped me keep track of all the meetings and appointments I have scheduled throughout the year, especially at my work–I’m a teacher–where we have multiple meetings each week.
The paper is great for my fountain pens, and I like that the planner gives enough space for each day for me to write down a lot of information. I like the size of the planner,  as this makes it easy to carry and the durability of the planner is a bonus as it gets thrown around in my bag and car a lot.
The only thing I might change is to add some kind of pocket in the back or front where I could keep business cards, receipts, etc. Otherwise, this is a great planner and I hope to get another one for the next academic year. Thanks!

Thanks for your excellent feedback Michael!

I replied to thank him for his feedback, and to let him know that the Scholar planners with the refillable covers do have pockets inside the front and back of the planners, so he might want to look for one next year.

The Scholar is the academic year version of our Hebdo weekly planner, which has all the same features including monthly planning pages, and comes with your choice of refillable cover.  For more information on the Hebdo weekly planner including where to buy, click here.

Hebdo weekly planner January-December



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