Writing Wednesday: Should you start a new notebook in the new year, or use up your old one?

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This is a debate I see often online: Should you use up your current notebook (your bullet journal, personal journal, or other notebook) to the very last page even if it goes into next year, or should you finish your notebook at the end of the year (even if it’s not completely full) and start a new one in the new year?

I am of the “new year, new notebook” mindset for several reasons:

Fresh start: A new notebook symbolizes a fresh start, a blank slate, and new possibilities, as does the new year. Starting a new notebook gives you the opportunity to put your old habits behind you and start fresh in a new way. This is your chance to try a different style of journaling or writing, set new challenges for yourself, focus on new priorities, or have a different mindset. Your new notebook could have a different look, be a different size, have different paper, or be completely identical to your old one. No matter what, your new notebook gives you the opportunity to start brand new with no restraints and no ties to your old ways.

Excitement: Let’s face it, starting a new notebook is exciting! All those blank pages are full of unlimited possibilities. It’s fun to start a new year full of enthusiasm at what’s to come. Part of the enjoyment of something is the anticipation; use the time before the new year to set up your new notebook with personalization, art, stickers, drawing in your goal trackers, listing your intentions, etc. You’ll be ready to jump into your new notebook at the first of the year!

Archiving: Speaking from experience, it’s much easier to archive your old notebooks and find past content when you start a new notebook in the new year.

If you hate to waste pages in your old notebook but you won’t have filled it completely by the end of the year, here are some ideas for using up those remaining pages:

Stick in tickets, pictures, and other mementos of your year.

Write a summary of your year, highlights, memories, lessons learned.

Write about the people who influenced you most this year.

List things you are grateful for this year.

Etc. Those pages are a great place to reflect and capture your last memories of the year.

Do you like to start a new notebook in the new year?

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4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Should you start a new notebook in the new year, or use up your old one?

  1. Great post! I was just thinking about this question today. I received a beautiful notebook for my birthday last week but will have pages left in my current notebook when the year ends. Laurie your suggestions are helpful!

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