Writing Wednesday: Is it time to take a break from journaling?

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Maybe you’ve reached a point where journaling feels like homework. Instead of something to look forward to, journaling has become a chore.

If you are feeling this way, it might be time to take a break from journaling. Give yourself permission to stop. If you are afraid you’ll never get back into it, you could give yourself a specific amount of time, say a month, to take a break. Then when the time is up, you’ll start again.

You might not need to stop entirely; maybe you can just dial it down to take the burden off. You can try weekly journaling instead of daily. Or instead of pouring out your feelings and expectations, you can just do a simple log book. Or you can journal according to set topics so journaling becomes more automatic and takes less time.

If you don’t really want to stop journaling but are tired of trying to come up with something to write about every day, check out our Daily Journaling Prompts for new topics to write about every day. These are new each month so you always have something to write about.

Journaling can be a bit tedious sometimes but the value should outweigh the chore. If you’re not feeling it, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself some time off. You can come back to journaling when you’re feeling refreshed and inspired.

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