Time management Monday: Portable planning

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As noted in our highly popular How To Use A Planner post, it’s best if you take you planner with you everywhere so you can update your schedule and jot reminders on the go. If you don’t have your planner with you when plans change or new things come at you, you are likely to forget to write them down later. This leads to missed appointments and double bookings. Keep your planner with you all the time so you can update it as things happen.

The best way to do this, of course, is to use a pocket size planner so you can keep it in your pocket or bag all the time.

We have lots of different formats of pocket size planners so you can plan anywhere and everywhere!

Click on the highlighted links for more information on each planner including where to buy.

The popular Space 17 planner has a week + notes format that allows you to plan your schedule and write your to-do lists on each week’s spread.

The Rhodia pocket size planner also has a week + notes format to write your schedule, lists and notes each week.

The IB Traveler also has a week + notes format, with a weekly dashboard to organize your lists.

If you prefer an open format, the Sapa X gives you open space each day for your schedule and notes, plus pages each month for your lists and goals. It is also available as the acacademic year Sapa X Academic.



The Business weekly planner is great for very busy people. It lets you see your entire timed schedule plus your tasks organized by category, so you can see what you need to do and when you have time to do it. It is also available as the academic year University weekly planner.

Our pocket size planners are available with a variety of cover colors and styles.

Go to our planners page and click on Pocket Size to see all of our pocket size planners!


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