Time management Monday: Organizing your week like a jigsaw puzzle

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Like many people, I have a lot going on and sometimes it’s a trick to fit everything into my schedule. I like to think of my week like a jigsaw puzzle: I have to fit tasks in between my scheduled events, and keep up with all my various roles.

Below you can see an example of how I fit my week together. I have shown my week in the Trinote weekly planner, but you can use any of the Quo Vadis planners with timed daily columns, which are listed and described in this post.

I use a different color of highlighter for each member of my family so I can see who its doing what and when. This is especially helpful to see who is picking up.


Below you can see my categorized lists next to my weekly schedule. I like how the dashboard automatically separates my lists into calls, @, bills to pay, and work tasks.


I take a look at my week’s scheduled events and see when I have gaps. This is when I will concentrate on getting the most work done. In this example I have lots of unscheduled time on Friday, so I’ll get as much work done then as possible. Big blocks of time like this are good for time-intensive tasks or deep-focus work.


I fit in work, tasks and errands wherever I am able to in the week. Having my categorized task lists next to my schedule lets me see everything I need to get done during the week. The white space in my planner gives me a good idea of when I will be able to fit in work and tasks. Some days I have several hours in a row to get things done. Other days I have to fit in smaller tasks in shorter amounts of time.

By budgeting my time and fitting in my tasks where I can, I manage to get everything done and maximize my time each week!

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  1. Nice post! I used to do something very similar to this, when my days and weeks were filled with classes, events, meetings, etc. At the moment, I don’t have things that keep me busy going from one place to another. Which is what I need, because I need time to think and focus on research and writing.

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