Time management features built into your Quo Vadis planner

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Quo Vadis planners have features built right into the planners that help you with time management, productivity, and prioritizing your goals.

These photos show a Quo Vadis Trinote planner, which is medium size. All of these features are also in our larger Prenote planner. All of these features, except for the daily Notes spaces, are also in our compact Minister weekly planner, the Executive weekly planner, the pocket size Business weekly planner, and the large President weekly planner. These are our weekly planners with the days as timed columns. You can click through the links to see more details on each planner, including page sizes and where to buy.

In this post I will show you the time management features that are built right into these planners, so you don’t have to spend any time setting them up. You start using them immediately, and they help you organize your schedule, tasks and priorities automatically as you write.

Below you can see the weekly layout of the planners with timed columns. Each day gives you plenty of space to write your schedule, timed to the half hour.

The Trinote and Prenote planners give you space each day to write notes and tasks. These designated spaces each day are a great place to jot whatever comes at you: emergent tasks, things to follow up, etc.

The timed daily columns let you do time blocking so you can see when your time is taken and when you have gaps in your schedule. Planning your day to the half hour helps you be more effective with your time. You can see exactly how you are spending your day. This lets you be conscious of how much time you spend on the things you need and want to do, and how much time you waste on nonessential or unproductive activities.

Time Blocking croppedThis also helps you avoid overbooking yourself because it lets you take into account travel time, and lets you pad your schedule to leave time for things that inevitably come up.

The Priority box at the top of each daily column is a great place to write the day’s focus, intention, or main goal. This keeps your most important things visible all day.

You can see more about how to prioritize your goal tasks here.

These planners also have a weekly dashboard for categorized lists. This lets you organize and prioritize your lists as you write them.

These weekly planners also have Anno-Planning pages, which let you see the entire year across the two-page spread, for the current year and the future year.

This is a great place to block out travel and holidays, note deadlines and major events. This gives you the overview of what is coming up all year. The future year anno-planner lets you capture dates an entire year ahead. This is where you write insurance renewal dates, doctor and dentist appointments coming up next year, etc.

These planners come with refillable covers that have a pocket inside the front and back cover, where you can store papers, receipts, cards, etc.

Last year I did a series showing examples of ways to increase productivity using these planners. You can click through the links below to see each post:

In Part 1 I gave tips on how to use your planner to help you focus your priorities and work your goals into your daily schedule.

In Part 2 I showed how to focus your weekly goals, keep them visible all week, and incorporate them into your daily schedule.

In Part 3 I showed how to use the unique Quo Vadis Agenda Planning Diary format to balance your daily tasks with your timed schedule.

You can find more information on all the Quo Vadis planners, including where to buy, at QuoVadisPlanners.com.

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