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Monthly planning pages in the Quo Vadis Space 24 weekly planner

Many of our planners have monthly planning pages. Here is a list of Quo Vadis planners with monthly grid pages, and you can add to that list the large Plan & Note planners too.

The monthly planning pages in Quo Vadis planners are all together at the front of the planner. I’ve always found this the most useful placement for monthly planners, because I use my monthly pages as an overview of what’s coming up and it’s easier to see the following months when I can just turn the page and see what’s coming up later in the year. When the months are embedded in the weeks I find this much less useful because I have to dig through the weekly pages to find upcoming month overviews.

However I recently received a comment from a customer who said she would prefer the monthly pages to be embedded in the weeks.

Do you prefer monthly pages embedded in the weeks? If so, why do you prefer them that way?

And, how to do you use your monthly pages? Do you use them as an overview of upcoming events and holidays (like I do), or do you use them for a different, separate purpose from your weekly/ daily pages? (Examples are tracking exercise, meal planning, etc.)

Please leave a comment. Thank you for your feedback! We strive to make products that are useful and enjoyable for our customers, and your feedback helps us do that!

3 thoughts on “Monthly planning pages

  1. I prefer monthly pages embedded in the weeks, because I use the month as highlight of upcoming events, I just need to go to the week needed then. I use tabbed the months to find them easily.
    I have printed my own months on two pages on Tomoe river paper, perforated the pages and added them to my weekly spiral agenda.

  2. I prefer mine at the start of the month and tabbed for easy reference. When they are all together at the front of the book, I tend to forget to look at them.

  3. Embedded and TABBED for quick visual scans. Some formats have blocks too small to write in. I want to see how busy my week is getting so I can suggest alternate dates.

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